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SRT - Computers Punjab

Welcome to SRT Technolgies Karachi, Pakistan.

SRT is one of the reliable and trust worth name in proving the computers and its related products to the users in Punjab. It is a Karachi based IT solution Provider Company which is working for last four years. With in the short period of time it has build up its reputation in the computer market of Punjab. With its rapid and stable growth, SRT is now moving towards other markets to give them tough competition. Its main focusing market is Computer Punjab.

Punjab is a huge population province of Pakistan. Numbers of users are there who have the vast requirement of computers and its related product which is not fulfilling by Computer Punjab market. While observing the need of people in Computer Punjab market there SRT is launching its product in Computer Punjab market through its online services. SRT provides laptops, accessories, printers, LCDs etc. All the details related to these items are available at the website.  Its main purpose is to fulfill the need of users of Computer Punjab at the user end who are seeking their requirements in Computer Punjab market.

Lahore is the centered city of Punjab and having many users. SRT is introducing its self in the Lahore Computers market and providing its all services through online. We are encouraging the concept of purchasing through online services in Lahore Computer market because Lahore Computer market is a big market of Punjab and many people prefer it for their purchasing needs. SRT is also compensating with the rates of Lahore Computer market and comet to provide a better services to the customer of Lahore computer.

The purpose of SRT is to provide its computers related services through out Pakistan and to facilitate the people all over the Pakistan. No matter how far the place is, we are ready to serve you at your place and to give you all the guideline and updated knowledge along with the products and its prices. Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. It has another big Islamabad computer. According to the SRT, all latest services and technologies should be provided in Islamabad computer market. In the Islamabad Computer market, SRT has introduced its variety of products like Monitor, Intel processors, Networking items, servers etc in Islamabad Computer market. We are offering the competitive price in the Islamabad Computer market to turn the attention of the users of Islamabad computer. Our website depicts all the details about the product we are offering as well as the price to get the Islamabad Computer users know that we care for them. We understand the requirements of users of Islamabad computer and also aware of rising prices of Islamabad computer markets. In this situation we just want to inform to the Islamabad Computer users that provide the service at cost which fits it to your budget easily.

If you are interested in any products of ours than do contact us on the land line number 021-35650092 – 93, 00345-3035967.We will provide you the services, does not matter how far you are.



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